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Category: Natural Treatment

Cold pressed juice

How to clean your body with cold pressed juice

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Cold pressed juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables by utilizing hydraulic press. Juice obtained in this manner preserves most of its enzymes and nutritional value, unlike the ordinary juices which have lost most of their nutritional value through the normal juicing process. Most of us are probably wondering how cleaning your body with juice is possible. It does not mean soaking yourself in a tub filled with juice; it means drinking the juice so as to stir up the body’s natural ability to resuscitate from within.

Does the body benefit from cold pressed juice cleanse?

  1. The digestive system gets to rest and heal

Juices require less stomach activity. The stomach can work less and extract more nutrients and enzymes from the juice. The gastrointestinal tract absorbs a lot of toxic from the food we take in. This toxic can impair the functioning of the gut. While on the juice cleanse, the nutrients from this diet help in repairing the gut. The liver is the detoxifying organ and overloading it with toxin allows some of these substances to pass through the body unchecked. During the cleaning process of the body, the liver gets to rest and rejuvenates itself.

  1. Reduces appetite and helps with weight loss

Juice cleanse improves satiation level. Therefore, one feels full with less food. It helps in cutting the bad eating habits, especially on junk food. As it does this, it lowers calories naturally as well.

  1. Enhances the general wellbeing of the body.

The juice cleanses supplies the body with abundant antioxidants. This fights inflammation, and people with chronic pain feel much better during this period. The body cells get healed thereby improving their function in responding to and sending chemical responses. The body is well hydrated allowing maximum elimination of toxins in the body.

The process of cleaning the body with cold pressed juice

When juice cleansing, we don’t start drinking the juice immediately. We have to prepare the body first for this detox process through the process of pre-cleansing. Cleansing before pre-cleansing may bring about detox symptoms after the cleaning. Some of these symptoms include headaches and upset stomach. We all agree that these symptoms are horrible and unrewarding after days of loving your body through the cleanse. If you are going through an intense emotional period, avoid the cleansing process because it might do more harm than good to the body.


3 or 4 days to the cleanse, avoid processed and refined foods. Avoid dairy products, fried foods, and overeating. Avoid stress factors, remember that during this period, your body has to be calm and relaxed. Indulge more in greens and vegetables and fruits. Cook your food using oils with no added preservatives. Most important, get quality sleep and do more yoga or any other activity that will calm your body and soul.

The cleanse

This process will take three days of nourishing your body.  Your diet will consist of 100% cold pressed juice. If you need to eat, take organic vegetables and fruits. If you can, avoid eating solid foods. We don’t want to overload the body organs with the digestive process. Juices are easily assimilated in by the body. It is a resting period and a healing period for the major organs of the body. After the cleanse, these organs should feel rejuvenated, and energized.

Limit yourself to intense-free exercises such as walking and stretching.


Return to your daily routine gradually. Take in the solid foods in little amounts and increase gradually as days go on. Remember that the body was in a resting period. You might shock yourself if you eat solids immediately. The same thing will happen if you do strenuous activities immediately. For the exercises, start with light exercises and do the vigorous workouts a week after the cleansing process.

Health professionals encourage body cleaning with cold pressed juices to give your body maximum benefits of nourishment. Taking care of your body in this manner enhances longevity.

Magnesium oil for pain

Magnesium oil for pain

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Magnesium oil is composed of magnesium chloride and water. It is not oil; it is referred to as oil because once the magnesium chloride is suspended in water, it has an oily feel. Many people are deficient in this mineral, but the transdermal application of magnesium supplies enough quantity in the blood stream needed for the optimal bodily function. Magnesium oil has many medicinal uses including pain alleviation. Once it enters the body, magnesium breaks down into ions. It is in its ionic form that it acts as a cell regulator in the chemical reactions of the body.

This article will discuss some uses of magnesium oil for pain.

  1. Hypercalcemia

People who suffer from hypercalcemia have found great relief in magnesium oil. One of the symptoms of hypercalcemia is pain between the back and upper abdomen on one side. Hypercalcemia is a condition characterized by high levels of calcium in the blood. Calcium is significant in keeping bones healthy, but too much of it hinders its functioning mechanism. Magnesium stimulates the release of parathyroid and calcitonin hormones which extracts calcium from the blood and transfers it back to the bones. The direct effect of this is pain alleviation of the symptoms of hypercalcemia and prevention of osteoporosis and arthritis.

  1. Migraine

Research shows that individuals with a migraine are magnesium deficient. Studies also show that regular intake of magnesium has dropped the frequency of migraine occurrence to 41.6%.  Genetic difficulty in magnesium absorption is the leading cause of headaches. Since magnesium is poorly absorbed orally, the transdermal application of magnesium oil ensures that the effect of this mineral is felt immediately. Magnesium is crucial in the health of the nerve endings.  It treats a migraine by enhancing electrophysiological functions of nerve regeneration. It also reduces inflammatory cell deposits as well as expression of inflammatory cytokines.

Sinus headaches are linked to allergies. When the body produces histamine as a defense mechanism, one of the effects of this is headaches. Research has proved that magnesium reduces and inhibits production of histamine thus reducing cases of sinus headaches significantly.

  1. Reduced pain caused by inflammation

Magnesium involvement in fighting inflammation is indirect. Glucocorticoids(GCs) suppresses the generation of pro-inflammatory genes and stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory genes. Glucocorticoids are chemicals in the class of steroids that stop inflammation. The anti-inflammatory activities of the GCs are enhanced by vitamin D. Magnesium’s role in this process is to convert Vitamin D into its active form so that it can be used in the body’s chemical processes. Vitamin D can only assist the functioning of the body when it is active, and it cannot be active without magnesium.

  1. Treats muscle cramps

Athletes experience muscle cramps due to their vigorous workouts. That is why most of them make use of magnesium to treat these pains. Magnesium binds to some receptor sites that open the cell membrane allowing mineral ions like potassium to enter, which in turn controls muscle contraction which eases muscle tension.

Magnesium is a vital mineral that is not produced by the body, and yet it is needed by the body to carry out its functions. Humankind is deficient in this mineral because most of the food we eat is processed and food processing depletes it. Health professionals believe that sufficient magnesium supply in the body will cure a majority of conditions associated with chronic pain.

 It is inexpensive, and magnesium oil can be made easily by mixing magnesium chloride flakes with distilled water. It doesn’t need a prescription, and it is entirely safe to use. Magnesium has many benefits to offer to the body and pain alleviation being one of them. Make use of this oil to enjoy a pain-free life.




Best cream for a rejuvenated skin

The best ointment cream for a rejuvenated skin

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Being the largest external organ in the body, the skin is exposed to many environmental factors making it vulnerable to early aging. As the skin ages, the production of skin oils decreases as well making the skin less elastic, saggy and wrinkled. Exposure worsens the symptoms of skin aging. It breaks down collagen and elastin fibers which are the skin’s connective tissues. Damaged connective tissues make the skin weak, and the direct result of this is a saggy skin. Habitual factors that damage the skin include smoking as well as repeated facial expressions.

It is the nature of humankind to want to feel good. Everyone desires to be confident and to have the self esteem to carry out activities and to attend social gatherings. With rising cases of early skin aging signs, people have gone as far as skin transplantation and other surgical procedures to slow down the damage done to skin’s connective tissues. Technology has made it possible for the scientists to come up with many skin rejuvenators. This article will talk about the best ointment cream for a rejuvenated skin.

Many of us shop around for creams to enhance the looks of our skin. We have even been scared of using some products because they had negative results on someone else’s face. Below is a list of ingredients that make the best combination for the best ointment cream. For these ingredients to work, sun damage must be taken care of first. It could be done through sunscreens. Quit smoking and tanning habits as well.

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A has an active acid known as tretinoin. Tretinoin stimulates intracellular processes of cell growth, sebum production as well as the synthesis of collagen and elastin connective tissues of the skin which are proteins in nature. It also inhibits the damaging activity of matrix metalloproteinases(MMP) enzymes, which damage both collagen and elastin. Vitamin A has been proved to reduce wrinkles as well as skin roughness. It was also found to increase an epidermal thickness which is supported by the chemical action of tretinoin on MMP.

  1. Vitamin C

First of all, Vitamin C is an antibiotic. At times, the skin is made ugly by minor conditions such as hives and fungi infections. Germs are a number one cause for the appearance of rashes on the skin. Vitamin C fights bacteria and inhibits the damaging effect of hives or rashes to radiant skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant as well. Have you ever peeled an avocado and noticed a color change after an exposure? Have you ever heard of the free radicals? They are byproducts of oxygen in the body and they damage the skin as they do to peeled avocados. Antioxidants in Vitamin C reduce the damaging effects of these free radicals. We need oxygen in the body making it impossible to live a life free of free radicals.

  1. Estrogen

Many women at the menopause stage have low levels of estrogen that is why they get wrinkles faster after menopause. Health professionals link this effect to low levels of estrogen. It only means that estrogen is an important hormone in skin elasticity and flexibility. Research indicates that estrogen improves the moisture content of the skin and the synthesis of skin’s connective tissues. The effect on skin is the same for both men and women. Its effectivity on skin makes it a perfect ingredient in skin’s rejuvenation ointment creams.

Finding a cream with the combination of these three ingredients is hard. However, if you go to the store and get an ointment with at least one of these ingredients, the ointment will have amazing results on your skin provided it doesn’t have lead or mercury which have been proved scientifically to be bad for the skin.

Natural ingredients for hair loss

Top 5 natural ingredients for hair loss

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A healthy person usually loses around 90 hairs every day as a normal part of the renewal process of the body. However, sometimes the loss can be so remarkable that it becomes a worrisome aesthetic problem. There are many causes for baldness; some of them include genetic predisposition, stress and poor nutrition. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies which have proven to be effective to treat this condition.

 Natural remedies that preserve healthy follicle cells

Almond oil is an effective treatment against alopecia because it improves blood flow in the scalp. In this way it contributes to nourish follicles delaying or decreasing hair loss. This element has a high content of vitamin E which is a popular antioxidant. It plays a fundamental role on the maintenance of skin and on the prevention of disorders like seborrheic alopecia. This resource was widely used by Egyptians who used to mix it with castor oil in order to achieve faster results.

Aloe Vera is another natural resource that has proven to be very beneficial. It contains more than 15 nutrients that include vitamins B6, B1, A, B2, E and C which are essential to combat disorders like alopecia. Given its properties, this organic ingredient helps to reduce the production of sebum which is one of the main responsible for baldness.

Sebum is a fatty substance produced by the sebaceous glands as explained at Its main function consists on maintaining the scalp properly moisturized. However, an excess of this substance can hinder hair growth by plugging the pores. Antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera gel solve this problem restoring the adequate performance of follicles.

Another important ally that helps to prevent and treat alopecia is apple cider vinegar. It helps to restore and maintain the natural pH of the scalp without destroying its essential oils. It also seals follicles preserving their natural moisture.

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties that aid in the removal of fungi and bacteria that cause dandruff, itching and dryness of the scalp. It is especially effective against the Pityrosporum ovale which is responsible for producing an irritation that can lead to an infection.

As a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant, apple cider vinegar can restore the adequate performance and health of follicles by eliminating potentially harmful parasites. This quality combined with its ability to stimulate blood flow strengthens hair roots and promotes a healthy growth.

Nourish your body to prevent baldness

An inadequate alimentary regime can be one of the main reasons for baldness. It is through food that the body absorbs all the nutrients that are required for the adequate performance of each cell. Hair receives sustentative elements through follicles and for this reason it is fundamental to resort to a strengthening diet.

Natural antioxidants stimulate hair growth and help to prevent disorders like seborrhea and baldness. They can be found on fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as kiwi, spinach, orange, broccoli and lemon.

The lack of vitamin A can also be one of the reasons for baldness. It is responsible for preventing the dryness of the sebaceous glands by means of an adequate lubrication of follicles. In addition, it also favors the oxygenation of cells strengthening the hair and promoting its growth.

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