How to clean your body with cold pressed juice

How to clean your body with cold pressed juice

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Cold pressed juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables by utilizing hydraulic press. Juice obtained in this manner preserves most of its enzymes and nutritional value, unlike the ordinary juices which have lost most of their nutritional value through the normal juicing process. Most of us are probably wondering how cleaning your body with juice is possible. It does not mean soaking yourself in a tub filled with juice; it means drinking the juice so as to stir up the body’s natural ability to resuscitate from within.

Does the body benefit from cold pressed juice cleanse?

  1. The digestive system gets to rest and heal

Juices require less stomach activity. The stomach can work less and extract more nutrients and enzymes from the juice. The gastrointestinal tract absorbs a lot of toxic from the food we take in. This toxic can impair the functioning of the gut. While on the juice cleanse, the nutrients from this diet help in repairing the gut. The liver is the detoxifying organ and overloading it with toxin allows some of these substances to pass through the body unchecked. During the cleaning process of the body, the liver gets to rest and rejuvenates itself.

  1. Reduces appetite and helps with weight loss

Juice cleanse improves satiation level. Therefore, one feels full with less food. It helps in cutting the bad eating habits, especially on junk food. As it does this, it lowers calories naturally as well.

  1. Enhances the general wellbeing of the body.

The juice cleanses supplies the body with abundant antioxidants. This fights inflammation, and people with chronic pain feel much better during this period. The body cells get healed thereby improving their function in responding to and sending chemical responses. The body is well hydrated allowing maximum elimination of toxins in the body.

The process of cleaning the body with cold pressed juice

When juice cleansing, we don’t start drinking the juice immediately. We have to prepare the body first for this detox process through the process of pre-cleansing. Cleansing before pre-cleansing may bring about detox symptoms after the cleaning. Some of these symptoms include headaches and upset stomach. We all agree that these symptoms are horrible and unrewarding after days of loving your body through the cleanse. If you are going through an intense emotional period, avoid the cleansing process because it might do more harm than good to the body.


3 or 4 days to the cleanse, avoid processed and refined foods. Avoid dairy products, fried foods, and overeating. Avoid stress factors, remember that during this period, your body has to be calm and relaxed. Indulge more in greens and vegetables and fruits. Cook your food using oils with no added preservatives. Most important, get quality sleep and do more yoga or any other activity that will calm your body and soul.

The cleanse

This process will take three days of nourishing your body.  Your diet will consist of 100% cold pressed juice. If you need to eat, take organic vegetables and fruits. If you can, avoid eating solid foods. We don’t want to overload the body organs with the digestive process. Juices are easily assimilated in by the body. It is a resting period and a healing period for the major organs of the body. After the cleanse, these organs should feel rejuvenated, and energized.

Limit yourself to intense-free exercises such as walking and stretching.


Return to your daily routine gradually. Take in the solid foods in little amounts and increase gradually as days go on. Remember that the body was in a resting period. You might shock yourself if you eat solids immediately. The same thing will happen if you do strenuous activities immediately. For the exercises, start with light exercises and do the vigorous workouts a week after the cleansing process.

Health professionals encourage body cleaning with cold pressed juices to give your body maximum benefits of nourishment. Taking care of your body in this manner enhances longevity.

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