What we do

What we do

With aging comes the promise of respect, pride and wisdom – the fun stuff, along with the occasional ache, pain and impairment – the not so fun stuff. Inevitably, we will all need help at some point or another, but finding the right assistance for your lifestyle will make all the difference.

Total Care provides personalized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From post opt assistance with daily activities like food shopping, errands and house cleaning to long term, in depth care like medication management, physician coordination and 24 x7 monitoring, our in home care solutions are designed to provide precisely the care you need when you need it.

We provide help in many ways including:

We help family members and individuals plan for the care of a family member or spouse through consultations and assessments of the individuals and families needs.

We enable individuals to live independently, in the comfort and familiarity of their own home by providing a wide range of in home care options.

We eliminate the stress, physical and time demands typically placed on a family caregiver by providing assistance on a frequent and regular basis allowing caregivers to get back to their own life and personal well being.

We provide support and counseling for family members to help them cope with crisis, loss, mental illness and changes in the family dynamic that arise as the result of illness of a loved one.

We enable children who live remotely to care for a parent from a far with peace of mind. With comprehensive reports and periodic assessments, remote family members are kept informed and remain involved in their parents care throughout the process.

We help individuals navigate government, medical and senior institutions and programs so that they can make informed decisions when choosing care for a family member or themselves.

We promote healthy living and independent aging through education, counseling and treatment as part of our core philosophy.

We work constantly to establish and build working relationships with industry experts, professionals and organizations to provide the highest level of knowledge, expertise and options for in home care.

Finally, we are committed to growing with our clients needs through learning, research, training and compassion so that we may provide the best care available, while paving the way for fresh approaches to in home care for seniors.

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